Together, We Make It Better.

Seeing the Invisible.

What ties us together as citizens of the earth? When common experiences are allowed to be shared between different nations, religions, and political views, it is possible to see that there is an invisible thread that ties and binds us together. When you see the invisible, your faith in mankind is confirmed.

At Propel, we think common experience is what defines family. With family, you can be a million miles apart and still fell connected. Just ask a father. Just ask a mother.

We all hope for a world that will not look away from need, will not be deaf to the sounds of suffering and will allow themselves to be touched by their invisible family.


Propel . . .Who We Are.

Progress and Respect that Optimizes our People through Excellence and Love

Our Calling

They say that you can’t take it with you. We will have no control over that. No matter what our life experience has been, we will not be able to take anything with us. What we do have the ability to affect is what we leave behind. Individually, we all have the choice to act on our better thoughts. Our better hopes. Our better dreams. We believe we are called to complete these humanitarian projects to bring about irreversible positive change for Sierra Leone which will be a catalyst for future development. While the scope of the projects is extensive, it is only a beginning for Sierra Leone. Besides the obvious physical changes to Sierra Leone’s society and economy, the change in the mindset of the people of Sierra Leone will be greater than the sum total of our efforts.

It seems like something so simple. Wanting people to have a quality of life that provides the basic needs for their families and friends and elevates cultures to prosperity, not only monetarily, but prosperous in thought, word and deed. I think we can all agree that is a lofty, yet attainable goal for Sierra Leone and all mankind. Yet, this will not happen without financial assistance from sources that have similar goals to assist developing nations to become prosperous and self- sustaining and become contributing members of our world society and economy.

Our Hope and Desire

This is more than a labor of love. It is a labor of necessity to bring about change in Sierra Leone that will save lives and provide a future and roadmap to replicate programs not only in Sierra Leone, but other developing nations around the world.

Propel is a Registered National Non-Governmental Organization (NNGO) (Tin # 1119823-01).



The Northern Region

Falaba District-Gberefeh

Gberefeh and the surrounding villages provide an excellent median project that represents the needs of Sierra Leone in non-urban, and currently agriculturally- centric, local economies.

Modernization and diversification will allow for growth and productivity of the traditionally agricultural area with mechanization and vocational training in state of the art  techniques that provide optimal planning for land use, crop yield and livestock breeding to introduce stronger, healthier breeds which will increase food supplies for the people of Sierra Leone for meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and other staples with the ability to export products that have viability for the world market.

The Eastern Region

Kenema District-Kenema

The modernization and development of Kenema and surrounding areas into a major urban economic metropolitan force with state of the art services and amenities will be made possible by delivering UV/Solar energy to the region.

With a population of 1 million+, Kenema, the third largest city in Sierra Leone, and surrounding areas provide a nearly blank canvas for development which will multiply Sierra Leone’s capability to develop economically, socially, and technologically with game-changing and life-changing  opportunities, services and quality of life for the citizens of Sierra Leone. While advantages of development for this area appear to be self-evident, the real impact is much more far-reaching and will provide a conduit for exponential growth for the country of Sierra Leone.



This project will provide additional schools, buildings and classrooms to accommodate anticipated growth to the region. Basic food service kitchens will be incorporated

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Culture and Leisure

These projects will greatly enhance retail prospects in the regions with  malls, grocery stores, theater, hotels, parks, recreation and other associated retail development

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UV Powered Mass Transit

With the new opportunities created by our projects, mass transportation becomes a necessity for workers and travelers throughout the area and those needing to 

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Government Services

Construction of government services complexes to include city halls and all service facilities associated with local government administrations such as the offices for

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Health Services

Four state of the art hospitals with a minimum of 400 beds each are planned for our targeted regions with two of these having the added distinction of being  

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Housing/UV Energy

A total of 2,000 housing units and 200 megawatts of energy primarily through the deployment of UV Solar units will be developed in our targeted regions.  500-600

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Water & Sewage

The single most important element for sustaining life is water that is clean and free from disease. Clean water and proper sanitation will help Sierra Leoneans live

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Impassible roads under any conditions are causing Sierra Leoneans to lose their lives. There is no price too high if your family has suffered loss because they weren't able

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Advanced Higher Education

Two universities are planned under the scope of our projects. In the Northern Region, an agricultural-based university will be built to teach modern techniques

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International Airport

A new International Airport is planned in the Kenema District of the Eastern Region. The International airport will be a free trade zone and will provide fly-in and fly-out

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What We Share

What do we all share as members of the human race? Hope. The common thread that weaves through mankind. It is the very differences in us that has the potential to create the richest and most beautiful tapestry of what may be achieved with one simple thing. . .hope. A tapestry of diversity that is necessary to weave the story of humanity that paints a realistic picture of struggle and adversity and the amazing ability mankind has demonstrated to overcome and thrive in spite of overwhelming circumstances. Every culture has had moments in their history which they draw strength and pride in when hope has had its purpose realized to achieve something that has changed the course of events for the better.


Hope for Sierra Leone

For a developing nation like Sierra Leone, their hope is defined very simply. They wish for things to be better. Better for their families. Better for their friends and neighbors. Better for their country. With a history of strife, division, and corruption, Sierra Leone has not known how to develop corporately as a nation. Their struggles have always been too upfront and too personal for them to begin to understand how to grow effectively and corporately as a country. However, President Bio has brought a new, clear vision to Sierra Leone and has inspired the country and its people. 

Sierra Leone is rich in natural resources like diamonds, gold and other precious minerals. But those are not the most important resource that Sierra Leone possesses. Sierra Leone’s richest resource is its people and the future generations that will lead this nation to prosperity . But just like the in-ground resources, further work has to be done to bring out the true value of each Sierra Leonean. Each citizen must realize their potential and value to themselves, to their country, and ultimately to the rest of the world.

The Now of Opportunity

Opportunity, by very definition, suggests something that isn’t always available to us, but presents itself at special moments in life. It arrives, and whether it is acted on, or even noticed, for that matter, is a choice that we all make. What makes opportunity visible to our understanding? More often opportunity is learned from past disappointments or failures. We cannot recognize a better path unless we know alternatives exist. For a developing nation like Sierra Leone, opportunity could only be understood by a vision and full understanding of hope and potential. But that is just the beginning. There is an old proverb that says: “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.” The wisdom found in this adage is simple and complete.


Our Family Tree

In the coming days, weeks, months and years, we would like to keep a visual diary gallery of our family in Sierra Leone. We would like it to be a place where we can share our joy and our pain, our weaknesses and our strengths, our struggles and our victories. It should be a place to remember where we have come from and where we, by God's grace, we will be going.



7 Macaulay Street
Murray Town
Freetown, Sierra Leone
West Africa

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